Brown University Class of 2025 Admissions Statistics

It was a record-setting year for Brown University’s admissions office in 2020-2021 (photo credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel).

It was a record year for the Brown University admissions office. In all, 46,568 students applied to the Providence, Rhode Island-based institution this year, a figure that includes both Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants. In the Early Decision round, as our readers may remember, 885 students earned admission out of a record pool of 5,540 applicants for an Early Decision all-time low admit rate of 15.9%. But Brown wasn’t done setting records after the Early round. In the Regular Decision round, 41,028 students applied in the hope of earning a seat in Brown’s Class of 2025. Of the 46,568 applicants, 1,652 earned admission in Regular Decision in addition to the 885 students who earned admission in Early Decision. The overall admit rate for Brown’s Class of 2025 stood at 5.4%.

Brown’s Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2025 in Historical Perspective

To put these numbers in historical context, for the Class of 2024, Brown received a grand total of 36,794 applications. The prior record for total applications was set with the Class of 2023 when 38,674 students applied to the university. Prior to the Class of 2023, applications had never reached 36,000. With respect to the admission rate, for the Class of 2024, 6.9% of overall applicants earned admission to Brown. For the Class of 2023, this figure stood at 6.6%. Brown’s overall admission rate never in any year prior dipped below 7%. And with respect to Regular Decision, this year’s 4.02% admit rate compares to 5.4% for the Class of 2024, 5.2% for the Class of 2023, and 5.7% for the Class of 2022. The Regular Decision admit rate never dropped below 6% in any year prior.

Brown’s Admission Statistics for the Class of 2025 Are Monumental

Congratulations to all of the 1,652 Regular Decision applicants who will learn of their offers of admission tomorrow. Some of you will choose to join the 885 students who have already earned admission to Brown in the Early round. You earned admission during a highly competitive year with so many seats in the class already reserved for students who were admitted to the Class of 2024 and opted instead to take gap years. Yet you got in anyway — in spite of a 4.02% Regular Decision admit rate and a 5.4% overall admit rate. Well done, well done indeed! And, if you were waitlisted, fill out our free consultation form, write waitlisted to Brown at the bottom, and we’ll set up a free consultation in which we walk you through how Ivy Coach can optimize your case for admission off that dreaded waitlist.


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  • Bernard says:

    Congratulations to Class of 2025!! Amazing accomplishment. A few thoughts – Brown only increased permitted gap years from 40 to 80 for class of 2024 where as Harvard allowed approximately 350 students to take a gap year. Depending on how many gap years Brown permits going forward (eg Princeton allows 100 in non-Covid years), gap years students probably didn’t have much of an impact on admissions at Brown. However at Harvard, considering its high yield, RD admission percentage will likely be slightly below 2%. It doesn’t seem like a big deal (3.5% versus 2%) but odds are about 40% less when applying to Harvard this year, assuming applicants are otherwise similar. On the other hand, RD admission at Princeton should be around 4.5% since it didn’t have ED this year. Strange times indeed.

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