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January 17, 2024

Brown University Class of 2028 Early Decision Admission Statistics

University Hall is featured at Brown University.
Brown University denied the majority of Early Decision applicants to the Class of 2028 (photo credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel).

On December 15th of 2023, Brown University released data on students admitted to the Class of 2028 through the Early Decision process. This admissions cycle could be the last to take part in Early Decision, as Brown has convened a committee to reconsider the use of this process (though Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball predicts Early Decision will remain in place at Brown for many years to come!). The committee’s recommendations are forthcoming and are expected in early 2024.

Despite possibly being the last to occur, this Early admission cycle was marked by historic firsts. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision striking down Affirmative Action this past June, this cycle represents the first instance in which admissions decisions were supposed to be made without regard to an applicant’s race or ethnicity, though schools like Brown circumvented the policy through the legal loophole of asking about a student’s background/community. In light of the Supreme Court ruling strike down Affirmative Action, Brown did not release data on the racial demographics of the admitted students.

Out of a pool of 6,244 Early Decision applicants, Brown admitted 898 students, for an acceptance rate of 14.38%. 67.6% were denied admission and 16.8% were deferred for consideration in the Regular Decision pool, which reflects a trend of decreasing deferral rates and increasing denial rates in recent years.

Brown’s Early Decision pool is the second largest in the university’s history, while the acceptance rate is the second lowest. These figures have not quite surpassed last year’s record-setting applicant pool and acceptance figures. However, this cycle’s admitted cohort is the largest in the school’s history. The percentage of incoming classes filled by Early Decision admits has increased in recent years, so the size of this cohort could reflect a continuation of this trend.

Brown Early Decision Admissions Statistics

Brown’s Early Decision Admission Rates

Last year, for the Class of 2027, Brown admitted 12.98% of its Early Decision applicants. For the Class of 2026, Brown admitted 14.6%, and for the Class of 2025, Brown admitted 15.9%. These historically low ED acceptance rates are a reflection of increased applicant pools caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its attendant changes in admissions processes, such as Brown’s decision to transition to test-optional admissions (at Ivy Coach, we term students who attempt to get into elite colleges without test scores “squeakers!”). For the Class of 2024 and earlier years, the acceptance rate stayed above 17%.

Below is a breakdown of Brown’s Early Decision admission rate over the last 22 years:

Admissions CycleBrown Graduating ClassBrown’s Early Decision Admission Rate
2023-2024Class of 202814.38%
2022-2023Class of 202712.98%
2021-2022Class of 202614.6%
2020-2021Class of 202515.9%
2019-2020Class of 202417.5%
2018-2019Class of 202318.2%
2017-2018Class of 202221%
2016-2017Class of 202121.9%
2015-2016Class of 202022.1%
2014-2015Class of 201920%
2013-2014Class of 201818.9%
2012-2013Class of 201718.5%
2011-2012Class of 201619%
2010-2011Class of 201520.6%
2009-2010Class of 201419.9%
2008-2009Class of 201323.7%
2007-2008Class of 201222.7%
2006-2007Class of 201122.7%
2005-2006Class of 201022.8%
2004-2005Class of 200928%
2003-2004Class of 200828.3%
2002-2003Class of 200725.8%

Brown’s Early Decision Deferral Rates

Below is a breakdown of the percentage of Early Decision candidates that Brown has chosen to defer to the Regular Decision pool over the last four cycles. Note the trend that Brown has been deferring a smaller and smaller percentage of applicants each year.

Admissions CycleBrown Graduating ClassBrown’s Early Decision Deferral Rate
2023-2024Class of 202816.8%
2022-2023Class of 202719%
2021-2022Class of 202625%
2020-2021Class of 202530%

Brown’s Early Decision Denial History

Below is a breakdown of the percentage of Early Decision candidates that Brown has chosen to deny outright over the last four cycles:

Admissions CycleBrown Graduating ClassBrown’s Early Decision Deferral Rate
2023-2024Class of 202867.6%
2022-2023Class of 202768%
2021-2022Class of 202660.25%
2020-2021Class of 202554.1%

Breakdown of the Brown Class of 2028 Early Decision Admits

Brown’s application this past year included new supplemental essay questions that provided prospective students with the opportunity to convey the uniqueness of their backgrounds and the diversity of perspectives in the face of the changing admissions landscape.

Despite not sharing data on the race and ethnicity of the admitted students, Brown has shared other metrics. 64 applicants were admitted through the QuestBridge program for low-income and first-generation students. 22 (3%) of students were admitted to the highly competitive Program in Liberal Medical Education, which is an eight-year program that allows undergrads to enter immediately into their medical school coursework.

53.3% of the admitted students attended public schools, 35.4% attended private schools, and 11.2% attended parochial (e.g., religious) schools. 52% of the Early Decision admits are female, and 48% are male, despite the fact that nearly twice as many women than men typically apply to Brown. This reflects the male advantage in elite college admissions that Ivy Coach’s managing partner Brian Taylor has discussed in The New York Times.

A significant change in the composition of the admitted students was found in the proportion of first-generation college students. 19% of this year’s Early Decision pool will be the first in their families to graduate from college, a 4% increase from last year’s rate of 15%. 

The admitted students hail from 45 States, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and 51 countries around our globe, the most popular of which being Canada, China, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Peru, and Singapore. These international applicants make up 12% of Early Decision admits.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Brown Deferral

If you were deferred by Brown to its Class of 2028, all hope is not lost. A Brown deferral is meaningful — more so than at other elite universities — but only if you play your cards right from this point forward. If you’re interested in optimizing your case for admission to Brown post-deferral, fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form, and we’ll be in touch to outline our go-forward services for deferred candidates.

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