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Brown University admitted a whole lot more women than men this Early Decision admissions cycle (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

The Early Decision results are in for the Brown Class of 2021 and we’ve got them for our readers. In all, 695 students earned admission to Brown University this Early Decision cycle, out of a pool of 3,170 applicants. This marks an Early Decision admission rate for the Class of 2021 of 22%. The 3,170 students marked the largest Early Decision applicant pool in the university’s history.

Of the remaining 78% (not including the 22% of students who earned admission), 60% were deferred admission to the Regular Decision round while 18% were denied admission. So the majority of students who applied for admission to Brown this Early Decision cycle were deferred, with a little less than a quarter earning admission. As reports Suvy Qin and Kasturi Pananjady for “The Brown Daily Herald,” among admitted students “411 checked off ‘female’ and 284 checked off ‘male’ on the Common Application question that asked applicants what sex they were assigned to at birth, [Dean of Admission Logan] Powell said.” So did it help to be male if you were applying Early Decision to Brown this year? You bet it did.

The school also secured a a record number of underrepresented minorities among their admitted students with 36% identifying as URMs. This same statistic for the Class of 2020 stood at 31%. So a nice bump indeed. And, on the topic of bumps, fist bumps around for our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Brown’s Class of 2021 this Early Decision cycle!



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