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Ivy Coach was featured extensively in an article in “The Dartmouth” yesterday on the school’s yield for the Class of 2021.

Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, was quoted extensively yesterday in an article in America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth,” the newspaper of Dartmouth College. A piece entitled “Class of 2021 has record-high number of students” by Alex Fredman highlights the extraordinary percentage of students admitted to the College on the Hill in the Regular Decision round who opted to matriculate to Dartmouth next fall. After all, the vast majority of highly selective colleges (with exception!) typically anticipate around a 50% yield. So for Dartmouth to secure a 61% yield, the highest yield in a quarter of a century for the school, well, that’s extraordinary.

As Bev is quoted in the piece, “Founder of college admissions consulting firm Ivy Coach Bev Taylor said that college admissions rates can often be manipulated, as colleges will often try to artificially lower their acceptance rates in order to appear more selective by encouraging more students to apply. Yet at the same time, these schools will try to increase their yield rate by wait-listing students who they feel are completely qualified but did not seem as interested in their schools in the application.”

The admissions office at Dartmouth College, under the direction of Lee Coffin, has cause to celebrate this year. The school achieved its highest yield in twenty-five years.

“But Taylor said that it is not apparent that Dartmouth did any of this for the Class of 2021, especially since Dartmouth’s acceptance rate this year (10.4 percent) was almost identical to last year’s 10.5 percent. Coffin noted that although in the past the College’s acceptance policy has been to accept one wait-listed student for every student who chooses to take a gap year, he decided this year to accept more students up front and let the class size narrow down.”

Bev is also reference later on in the piece: “Taylor said that she believes this essay [the Why Dartmouth essay] was a key factor in Dartmouth’s yield rate. In past years, Taylor said, the essays Dartmouth used for the Common App supplement were comparable to those of other highly selective schools. As a result, students who may not have been as interested in Dartmouth could have easily completed the application just for the sake of adding another school to their list, because they could have copied essays they used for different schools. ‘Because of these [new] questions, Dartmouth really got an inside look at who is going to come if we take them,’ Taylor said. She added that the smaller word limit made this essay more difficult, therefore requiring students to make every word count. As a result, the best essays were likely to be written by the students who most wanted to attend.”

And here’s the last word of the piece, with Bev Taylor. Move over Lawerence O’Donnell. “Taylor said that the higher yield rate indicates that more students really want to attend the College. ‘This is an extraordinary deal, especially when most highly selective schools anticipate about 50 percent of students in the regular decision round who will matriculate,’ Taylor said.”


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