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October 7, 2016

Most Attractive Ivy League School

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Tinder may swipe towards UPenn. But what about Princeton and Dartmouth?

File this one under ridiculous. Which is the most attractive Ivy League school, you ask? “Business Insider” reports that the University of Pennsylvania has the most attractive students among the eight Ivy League institutions. And what’s this based on? Tinder. Go figure. To our readers who live under rocks and/or aren’t currently single navigating the app game of dating (and it is a game of swiping left and right!), Tinder is a dating app. And, yes, we use the term dating loosely.

“Business Insider” indicates the University of Pennsylvania has the most attractive students and graduates, based on Tinder data. But we’re not so sure. Princeton and Dartmouth should certainly be in the conversation. But that’s just our two cents.

As reported in an article about ’the hottest Ivy’ by Carter Coudriet of “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, “Penn’s Tinder game is strong, and the app’s data backs it up. After receiving data from Tinder — including quantity of swipes, matches and super-likes — Business Insider reported that Penn has ’the most attractive people’ in the Ivy League. According to the article, Penn had the highest percentage of right swipes (indicating a ’yes’) versus left swipes (indicating a ’no’) among the eight universities in the month of September. While the beautiful people of Penn topped the Ancient Eight, the highest-ranked Ivy League schools — Harvard, Yale and Princeton — were ranked No. 8, 7 and 6, respectively. Business Insider’s Tinder data showed that in September, Penn also received the second-highest number of total matches and the second-highest total number of super-likes.”

We’re not so sure about this data. Is the University of Pennsylvania really the hottest Ivy? Perhaps Dartmouth or Princeton graduates are so good looking and so happy in relationships they’re not even on Tinder? Maybe they met the loves of their lives while in college and so never had to explore the app game. And yet graduates of UPenn do? Who knows. What say our readers? We’re curious to hear from you! And if you’re curious for our vote, irrespective of Tinder’s September data, the most attractive Ivy League school is a toss-up between Dartmouth College and Princeton University. They’ve got some really attractive students, what can we say? We tell it like it is. Always have, always will. We’re known for it.

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