Asian Discrimination in Ivy Admissions

Asian Discrimination in Ivy League, Ivy League Asian Discrimination, Ivies and Asian Discrimination

Asians and Asian Americans face discrimination in the college admissions process, as an editorial in “American Bazaar” points out.

We’ve been writing for years about Asian and Asian American discrimination in Ivy League admissions. The Ivy League discriminates against Asians and Asian Americans in the admissions process. Don’t believe us? Ok, that’s fine. Is it unfortunate? Yes. Is it wrong? Yes. Should it come to an end? Yes. Will it? Not anytime soon. Of course no Ivy League or other highly selective college will ever acknowledge that they discriminate against Asians and Asian Americans in the admissions process, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Because it sure does!

And discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans is by no means exclusive to the Ivies. A recent article in “American Bazaar” entitled “For Asian American students battling discrimination in college admissions, now something more startling: ‘race-based grading,” points out: “A 2012 report by Bloomberg pointed out that studies have shown that Asian-American applicants have to outperform their counterparts from other backgrounds on the SAT to gain entry to elite universities. That report also informed that Asian-Americans admitted to the UW-M in 2008 had a median math and reading SAT score of 1370 out of 1600, compared to 1340 for whites, 1250 for Hispanics, and 1190 for blacks, citing a 2011 study by the Center for Equal Opportunity, a Falls Church, Virginia-based nonprofit group that opposes racial preferences in college admissions.”

We work with Asian and Asian American applicants to highly selective colleges each and every year and we help them combat such discrimination. We help them overcome stereotypes. And admissions officers — as much as they may try to deny this — stereotype. We all do. We stereotype when we walk by a homeless person on the street corner. We stereotype when we lock our doors when riding through a rough neighborhood. We stereotype when we pick which TSA line to wait on at airport security. George Clooney taught us in “Up in the Air” that standing behind Asians and Asian Americans is always a good way to go. Standing behind elderly people and folks with babies…not so much.

In highly selective college admissions, Asians and Asian Americans are stereotyped as math whizzes, as violin maestros, as runners, and as fencers to name just a few. We at Ivy Coach help our Asian and Asian American students stand out in other ways. And it works. When one defies a stereotype, it makes the person interesting. It makes them unique. And unique is a great thing in highly selective college admissions!


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