Asian Americans Deserve Better in Ivy Admission

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Our Founder at Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, has a piece up on “Huffington Post” today in which she calls on the admissions community to end the discrimination against certain groups of applicants.

Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has a piece up on “Huffington Post” today entitled “Asian Americans Deserve Better in Ivy League Admissions.” In the piece, Bev presents her position on how Asian American and Asian applicants are discriminated against in the Ivy League and highly selective college admissions process and she calls on the college admissions community — indeed she implores the community — to endeavor to do better. We fully support Bev’s position on this most controversial issue. Bev’s position is our firm’s position and it will be our final word on the subject (at least for now!).

It is important to us that it be known that it’s not just Chinese American, Chinese, Korean American, and Korean applicants, among others, who face discrimination in the Ivy League and highly selective college admissions process. There is also discrimination against Indian American and Indian applicants as well. This is a group that also is victim to stereotype, to being placed in a category even if admissions officers aren’t doing it intentionally but rather only subliminally. We charge the admissions community with the task of ending discrimination against this group of people as well. We charge them with learning about the principles of social psychology that they may not realize influence their decision-making. By learning about heuristics and principles of social psychology such as confirmation bias, they will be better armed to combat these often subliminal influences.

We are proud to add our voice to the chorus of folks and organizations around the world who call on U.S. universities to end the discrimination against Chinese Americans applicants, to end the discrimination against Chinese applicants, and Korean American applicants, and Korean applicants, and Indian American applicants, and Indian applicants, and other groups who face uphill battles in highly selective admissions.


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