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Ivy Coach salutes Princeton University for daring to offer the Universal College Application going forward.

Are you considering applying to Princeton in the future? If so, you should know that they will be offering applicants more than one application in the future. And this is wonderful news that we at Ivy Coach would like to think we had a hand in. In an op-ed, our Founder wrote a piece for “The Huffington Post” that raised the question of whether or not the Common App. is violating the restraint of trade by financially penalizing schools that did not offer their application on an exclusive basis. Universities throughout the country were encouraged to stop offering the Universal College Application or risk facing a financial penalty. Well, karma is coming back to you with a nasty bite, Common App.

Princeton University, this year’s #1 ranked university in the “US News & World Report” all-important college rankings has decided to offer the Universal Common Application as well next year. According to an article on Princeton and the Common App. in “Bloomberg,” “Colleges are looking for solutions. Princeton added the second application portal to offer another option to students, said Martin Mbugua, a spokesman for the Ivy League school in New Jersey. ‘It became necessary because the students and secondary schools have been facing challenges with the system, and we needed a functional online application,’ he said in an e-mail.”

We suspect that other highly selective universities will soon follow in the great example of Princeton University in choosing to offer more than one college application next year. No matter the financial penalty. Our friends at the Universal College Application should soon see an uptick in business and deservedly so. We at Ivy Coach salute Princeton University for boldly choosing to offer the Universal College Application as an option to students applying to Princeton in the future. Good for you, Princeton!


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