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The College Board is hoping to close the writing and research gap between high school and college with their new AP pilot program.

Ivy Coach was quoted in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” yesterday in an article by Lois Lee about AP and IB programs. The article discusses the new AP pilot program, which is designed — at least in part — to close the divide between the AP and IB programs. As we’ve previously reported, between 15 to 18 high schools will pilot this AP program in the fall. The program includes an interdisciplinary seminar over the course of students’ junior year in addition to a research project and paper to be completed during students’ senior year.

One of the central reasons that the College Board is piloting this new AP program to begin with is because of the disconnect between the current AP course curriculum in high school and students’ writing and research abilities when they enter college. Quite simply, students often struggle writing and researching dozens of 10-20 page papers during their first couple years of college. Few high schools require students to write and research 20 page papers. There often just isn’t time for this kind of assignment within the curriculum. But that could indeed change. And let’s not forget — it’s been a hallmark of the IB program for years!

We at Ivy Coach believe that this AP pilot program is a step in the right direction. One thing we’ve come to learn over the many years we’ve been in business is that high school students often struggle to express themselves through writing. Let’s just say we’ve seen some awful first drafts of college essays! While high school students might be mastering tests, this is a good step towards preparing high school students more appropriately for what a college education is really like. In college, students have to write a whole lot of lengthy research papers. And the papers don’t write themselves. They require research so this is a skill that must be developed in high school, too!


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