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September 12, 2018

American Veterans at Ivy League Schools

The Ivy League loves its veterans. And rightly so.

Are more and more veterans of America’s military enrolling in the Ivy League? The answer, one we’re very happy to report, is a definitive yes! According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the number of folks on the Post 9/11 GI Bill at Ivy League schools has risen by an astounding 34% over the past five fiscal years. Indeed there are now an estimated 1,700 folks on the Post 9/11 GI Bill at the eight Ivy League schools (this includes veterans as well as the dependents of GIs on transferred benefits). These numbers are a powerful reflection of the appreciation some of America’s most elite universities have for the men and women who serve our nation in uniform.

Ivy League Colleges Love America’s Veterans

As reports Natalie Gross in a piece entitled “Think vets like you don’t belong at Ivy League schools? The schools may disagree” in “Military Times,” “Part of the reason for the enrollment growth at Ivies is the generous and relatively new Post-9/11 GI Bill itself, which covers up to $23,671.94 in tuition and fees per year at private schools and includes a sizable housing stipend. Schools can also choose to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program to defray additional costs not covered by the benefit, and according to VA records, all the Ivies do. There are now roughly 1,700 GI Bill users at Ivy League schools — a far cry from the 206 enrolled a decade ago. Schools have also ramped up their undergraduate recruitment efforts in that time, a move that is a bit unusual for campuses that are in no way hurting for applicants, said James Schmeling, executive vice president of the nonprofit Student Veterans of America. And with research demonstrating veterans do well in higher education, both veterans and schools now feel more confident about the value that former service members can bring to a top-tier institution.”

Ivy Coach Loves America’s Veterans Too

But in spite of these increased enrollment numbers, the bar remains high for all folks — including America’s veterans — to earn admission to the Ivy League schools and other highly selective universities. That’s why we have committed all the resources of Ivy Coach’s pro bono service offerings to helping the brave men and women who’ve served our nation in uniform. Each year, we work with a few veterans at no charge to help them earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. These students are typically transfers so we start working with them in January in anticipation of the March transfer application deadlines.

If you’re an American veteran interested in Ivy Coach’s pro bono services, fill out our free consultation form and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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