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We’d like to draw your attention to Dawn Loggins, an admit to the Ivy League. Dawn was recently admitted to Harvard University. But why share this information with our readers? After all, thousands of students get admitted to the Ivy League each and every year. The reason is that Dawn’s case is a little bit different. Dawn was homeless. Her parents abandoned her. In fact, she came home from a summer enrichment program to find out that they had moved from North Carolina to Tennessee. Can you imagine? But the community came together to support Dawn. They even secured her a job as a janitor at the school she attends. That’s right. She works as a janitor at the high school she’s currently attending as a student!

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This admit to the Ivy League is quite the inspiration. The future Harvard student is extraordinary in a sea of ordinary.

Dawn’s story is a remarkable one, one that surely inspired admissions officers at Harvard University (the only out-of-state university to which Dawn applied). Dawn saw Harvard as a hope and a dream. Harvard admissions officers clearly saw her as an inspiration, someone who would greatly contribute to the diversity of the incoming freshman class. Just imagine reading Dawn’s personal statement! How do you think her story would compare to an essay about scoring the winning goal in a soccer game? Quite simply, it doesn’t. It’s remarkable in a sea of ordinary. And that’s exactly what Dawn Loggins is.

We worked with a student on a pro bono basis a few years ago who was also homeless as a high school student and juggled to get by. He, too, was admitted to Harvard. He was one of the most inspirational students we’ve ever come across and we remain in touch with him today. Good for Harvard to emotionally connect with the stories of these incredible young people who aspire to get a first-rate education in spite of their current circumstances. Good for Harvard for letting them achieve their dreams. We salute Harvard University for admitting the remarkable Dawn Loggins, a young woman who studied by candlelight (that her community had to help pay for) because there wasn’t electricity in her home. And we salute Dawn Loggins for her courage and conviction. She is a true inspiration.

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