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November 15, 2011

Admission to Ivy League Colleges

If the Supreme Court hears a case on affirmative action, legacy admission to Ivy League colleges may come before the court, too.

There’s an interesting article on admission to Ivy League colleges up on the CBS News site today. The article specifically concerns the constitutionality of legacy admission to Ivy League colleges. The author, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, states that the Supreme Court may well take up the issue of legacy admission if the Court decides to hear a case concerning affirmative action.

How are the two college admissions issues related, you may ask? Well, O’Shaughnessy argues in her piece on Ivy League admission that if underprivileged African Americans should have their edge in the college admissions process to highly selective colleges overturned, so, too, should overprivileged children of Ivy League graduates. She does indeed have a point and cites the statistics we’ve cited here from the Harvard researcher who analyzed the data and came away stating that legacy applicants have 23.3% better admissions odds.

We’ve also written in our blog that legacy admission may be a violation of tax code since alumni make tax-deductable donations to their alma maters and they’re not supposed to get anything in return for them. But indeed they do when their kids stand better odds of admission if mommy and daddy donate a large sum every year. Do you think legacy admission should be ruled unconstitutional? Do you think it’s a violation of tax code? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!

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