A Salute to Dartmouth College

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Ivy Coach salutes Dartmouth College, a school that supports our troops.

Dartmouth College has long received our praise for their support of the men and women who serve America in uniform. While Dartmouth may not be able to offer admission to as many veterans as, say, its Ivy League peer, Columbia University, the school has made no secret of its desire to matriculate some of the brave men and women who’ve served our nation at great personal sacrifice. It was in fact a former Dartmouth president, James Wright, himself a former United States Marine, who helped author the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. So it’s certainly no surprise to us to see that the school is doubling down on its commitment to America’s veterans, recently announcing the appointment of an assistant dean for veterans. That’s right. An entire assistant dean’s position will be devoted exclusively to supporting the 36 undergraduate veterans currently enrolled at the College on the Hill. That’s pretty cool — wouldn’t you say?

Dartmouth Appoints Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Veterans

As Eileen Brady reports for “The Dartmouth” in a piece entitled “Hudak fills newly-created position of dean for veterans,” “On Sept. 1, Anne Hudak began her new role as assistant dean for undergraduate veterans. Hudak assumes the newly-created position following her five years of experience as an assistant dean of the Dartmouth undergraduate student body. Prior to being an assistant dean, Hudak served as an academic resource for student athletes at Dartmouth. The new role will entail supporting the 36 undergraduate veterans at Dartmouth in their academic and extracurricular pursuits as well as partnering with the admissions office to recruit prospective veteran students, Hudak said. She added that she hopes to connect undergraduate veterans with unique post-service opportunities available to them and help them with issues that other undergraduate students may not face.”

If you’re a veteran interested in optimizing your case for admission to highly selective colleges like Dartmouth, schools that very much value the life experiences that veterans bring to college communities, know that we offer our services pro bono to select veterans each and every year. So fill out our free consultation form and we’ll be in touch in short order.


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