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November 15, 2022

2023 American Rhodes Scholars

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Duke, Northwestern, Georgetown, West Point, and Annapolis are among the institutions boasting 2023 Rhodes Scholars-elect.

The Rhodes Trust has recognized the American Rhodes Scholars-elect for 2023. Their recognition, according to The Rhodes Trust, is “subject to ratification by the Rhodes Trustees after acceptance by one of the colleges of Oxford University.” In all, 32 Americans were named Rhodes Scholars this year — joining a list of notable Rhodes alumni which includes President Bill Clinton, commentator Rachel Maddow, Senator Cory Booker, Ambassador Susan Rice, Senator Bill Bradley, Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Maryland Governor-elect Wes Moore whom Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball hereby projects is a future American president. And from which universities do the 2023 American Rhodes Scholars hail? Wonder no more!

Harvard College boasts six 2023 American Rhodes Scholars-elect. Yale University places second with five. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University each scored three Rhodes Scholars. Georgetown University and the United States Military Academy (West Point) each boast two of this year’s Rhodes Scholars-elect. Meanwhile, Princeton University, Wake Forest University, Duke University, the University of Georgia, the University of Texas at Austin, Washington and Lee University, Northwestern University, the United States Air Force Academy, College of Idaho, Arizona State University, and the United States Naval Academy each landed one representative among the batch.

So Harvard takes home this year’s grand prize with Yale close behind (it marked the university’s most Rhodes Scholars since 2021. And just how competitive is the Rhodes Scholarship? Well, more than 2,500 students began the application process this year, 840 of whom were ultimately endorsed by their universities. So, yes, we’re talking about an admission rate below 2% — and keep in mind that the applicants tend to be la crème de la crème of America’s universities, particularly America’s highly selective universities.

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