2019 Ivy League Preseason Football Poll

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Will Yale claim the 2019 Ivy League crown in football?

The Ivy League was formed as a football league. All these years later, each of the eight Ivy League schools still compete against one another on the gridiron. And, yes, football matters to these schools. It matters to admissions officers who set aside a significant number of slots each year in the Early round of admissions for recruited football players. And it matters to development officers since football — unlike many other collegiate sports (sorry, water polo!) — has a way of attracting major gifts to universities. Of course, universities love their donations! So fast forward from the formation of the Ivy League to 2019 and which of the Ancient Eight schools sits atop the 2019 Ivy League preseason football poll?

Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton Lead 2019 Ivy League Preseason Football Poll

That would be Yale University, accruing nine first place votes and 119 overall points. Dartmouth College placed second, with two first place votes and 111 overall points. Princeton University placed third, with four first place votes and 107 overall points. Harvard came in next with one first place vote and 93 overall points. UPenn followed with no first place votes and 67 overall points. Columbia University received one first place vote and 61 overall points. Cornell University received no first place votes and 29 overall points. And Brown University finished last with no first place votes and 24 overall points.

Do our readers think Yale will claim the 2019 Ivy League football title? Will Dartmouth get in the way of the Bulldogs? Or how about last year’s Ivy League champion, Princeton, a team that went undefeated in its last campaign? Let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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