2018 Ivy League Endowments

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Brown has the smallest endowment in the Ivy League.

Curious which Ivy League school boasts the largest endowment? Probably not since loyal readers of our college admissions blog know that Harvard University boasts the largest endowment of any university in the world — Ivy League or not. In fact, as reports The Columbia Daily Spectator, as of 2018, Harvard boasted an endowment of $39.2 billion. Its closest competitor among the Ivies? That would be Yale University. Yale’s 2018 endowment stood at $29.4 billion. Princeton University’s was $25.9 billion, the University of Pennsylvania’s was $13.8 billion, Columbia University’s was $10.9 billion, Cornell University’s was $7.2 billion, Dartmouth College’s was $5.5 billion, and Brown University’s was $3.8 billion.

And, in 2018, just what kind of return did the revenue officers at each of the Ancient Eight receive on their respective endowments? If this question has kept you up at night, wonder no more. At Harvard, the figure stood at 10%. At Yale, it was 12.3%. At Princeton, it was 14.2%. At Penn, it was $12.9%. At Columbia, it was 9%. At Cornell, it was 10.6%. At Dartmouth, it was 12.2%. And at Brown, it was 13.2%. So you can bet the Columbia revenue officers want to have what Princeton is having…should they meet for lunch at Katz’s Deli.

Have a questions about the Ivy League endowment figures? Want to read about past endowment figures at our nation’s elite schools? If so, we’ve got that intel for you so look no further.


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