2018-2019 Ivy League Basketball Standings

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Princeton currently sits atop the Ivy League in men’s basketball (photo credit: David Keddie).

The Ivy League has one automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Readers who haven’t been combing through our college admissions blog over morning coffee for many years might be wondering why we write about college basketball since our focus is on admissions, but loyal readers know the answer: March Madness influences admissions. If your daughter is currently a junior considering Duke as her Early Decision choice next year, we advise you to root against the Blue Devils in this year’s March Madness. And why? Generally, the further a team advances in March Madness, the more applications the school receives the subsequent year and, invariably, the lower the admission rate will be. In short, long March Madness runs are great marketing.

Princeton Currently Sits Atop Ivy League Men’s Basketball Standings

Currently, Princeton University, with a 2-9 conference record, sits atop the Ivy League men’s basketball standings; the Tigers boast a 9-5 overall record. Dartmouth College, at 1-0, sits in second in the Ivy League; the Big Green are 10-7 overall. Yale University, Brown University, Cornell University, and Columbia University have not yet played a conference game; their overall records are: 10-3 (Yale), 11-4 (Brown), 8-8 (Cornell), 5-9 (Columbia). Harvard University is 0-1 in Ivy League play and 7-7 overall. University of Pennsylvania sits at the bottom of the Ivy League standings with an 0-2 record in conference play; the Quakers are 10-6 overall.

Which Ivy League university do our readers think will claim the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament? Let us know your projections by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you! And, while you’re here, be sure to read the Cinderella story of George Mason University’s run to the Final Four — and how their run impacted the school’s admissions figures.


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