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May 16, 2013

2017 Ivy League Admissions Statistics

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Looking for the most comprehensive 2017 Ivy League Admissions Statistics on the web replete with analysis for each of the eight institutions? We’ve got this for you. Curious which of the eight universities had the highest number of Early applications? That would be Harvard University with 4,856 Early Action applications, edging out the University of Pennsylvania which had 4,812 Early Decision applications. Curious which of the Ancient Eight universities received the highest number of total applications? That distinction does not belong to Harvard University but rather to Cornell University. Cornell had 40,006 applications this year for the Class of 2017. Harvard had 35,023, placing second in this particular category.

And which university among the Ivies received the highest number of Regular Decision applications? The winner is…Cornell University again with 35,813 applications. Finishing second to Cornell in this category is Columbia University, with 30,405 applications received. Columbia edged out Harvard, which received 30,167 Regular Decision applications. Curious which university had the largest chunk of their admitted class filled in the Early round? That would be (of course)…the University of Pennsylvania. If you want to go to Penn, it’s always best to apply Early Decision. They want to be loved. Penn filled 49.4% of its class through Early Decision. Columbia filled 43.2% of its class through Early Decision. And Dartmouth College filled 41.4% of its class through Early Decision.

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