2015 Ivy League Men’s Basketball Standings

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Princeton currently has the best record among the Ivy League men’s basketball teams.

We figured we’d check in on how the Ivy League men’s basketball teams are doing. Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that we check in from time to time with the football and basketball programs, since they’re surely important to the universities. Yes, more so than squash. Don’t think so? We won’t challenge you. Keep believing that. Basketball of course can indeed impact admissions. After years in which Duke University, under the leadership of Coach K, advances far into March Madness, you’ll often see upticks in application numbers. If your child is a junior and has intentions of applying to Duke next year, you should not be rooting for Coach K’s squad this March. Root against them. Don’t root on competition. Hello!

Is Princeton basketball back? The back door cut of the Princeton offense is now open for business. Only college basketball fans will get this. And we’re cool with that.

Princeton University sits atop the men’s basketball standings right now, though keep in mind that Ivy League competition hasn’t yet begun (meaning Ivy League schools haven’t started playing Ivy League schools just yet this year). Through ten games, Princeton, the university that graduated Senator Bill Bradley (a great basketball player) and another player who happens to share the same name as the Director of Ivy Coach, sits at 7-3. Columbia University is 8-5, Yale University is 5-5, Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania are 5-6, Harvard University is 5-7 (how things have changed!), Dartmouth College is 4-6, and Brown University sits in last at 3-7.

Which of the Ivy League schools do you think will represent the league in the NCAA Tournament this year? Remember when Yale was projected to win the Ivy League this year? Will it happen? Do you think Harvard’s streak is alas over? Do you think Brown can turn things around (unlikely!)? Let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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