2014 Ivy League Football Standings

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Welcome back, Dartmouth football. It’s been a while.

It’s time for an update on the 2014 Ivy League football standings. The Ivy League, after all, all began as a football league. So which Ivy League university tops the standings? Harvard and Dartmouth both have 2-0 records. Princeton has played one fewer Ivy League game and sits at 1-0. Yale sits in fourth place at 1-1. Brown is 0-1. Cornell is 0-2. Penn is 0-1. And Columbia is 0-1. Overall (including non-Ivy League games), Harvard sits at 4-0, while Dartmouth sits at 3-1. Princeton is 2-2, Yale 3-1, Brown 2-2, and Cornell, Penn, and Columbia all sit at 0-4. Goose eggs for those three universities.

We’ve been following Ivy League football on this blog for years and we would like to congratulate the winningest Ivy League football program in history for alas making it back to the top. It’s been a long time since Dartmouth College fielded an Ivy League title contender, but with their victory over Yale this weekend, they showed us that they are back. Congratulations to Dartmouth’s Big Green football program and head coach Buddy Teevens. It turns out you don’t need Jay Fiedler to win Ivy League football titles at the College on the Hill, after all. That’a a joke. They have won titles without Fiedler. The Long Island product just happened to have been their best quarterback.

If you’re an Ivy League football fan, which university do you project to win the Ivy League title? Do you think the title will be won outright this year or will multiple schools share the trophy? Let us know your thought and let us know which school you’re rooting for by posting a comment on Ivy League football below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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