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October 24, 2007

After the Application Is In

Try to form a connection with your regional admissions officer (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

If you have written some powerful college essays, then it is very likely you have worked for weeks devoting countless hours to writing, researching, rewriting, tossing out, starting all over again, and now, finally your applications have been submitted. So what do you do now? Most students think they can sit back and wait, but if you want the admissions counselor who reads your application to get to know you beyond all this paper, then it’s important to connect with this person.

One of our students called us tonight to say that the assistant admissions director from ______ (one of the most selective colleges in the country) came to his school to speak with prospective applicants. He claims that he and the other seniors in the audience were made to feel inadequate by this person’s overt arrogance. He embarrassed several of them about questions they asked, he ridiculed one student, and questioned another student about a personal issue. To make matters worse, all of this was done in front of the other students and the attending college counselor.

No matter how egotistical your admissions rep. may seem, he / she is all you have right now, so learn to make the best of it. Try to connect with this person. However, test the waters slowly and carefully, making sure not to muddy them up.

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