Nixing Summer Programs

College Summer Programs, Summer Programs and Admissions, College Admissions Summer Programs Ivy Coach, as referenced on “The Huffington Post,” stands firmly against fancy summer enrichment programs (photo credit: King of Hearts).

A number of folks have been writing in to us of late inquiring about summer programs. Maybe they’re thinking of sending their children to the Stanford Summer Enrichment Program. Or a program like Stanford’s. But don’t these folks read our blog? Isn’t it on their computer next to their “New York Times” every morning? Apparently not because if it were, they sure would know our opinion on summer enrichment programs. At Ivy Coach, we have been adamantly opposed to summer enrichment programs for years. Indeed we believe them to be sleep-away camps and if you think attending sleep-away camp will help improve your odds of admission to a highly selective college, you must think the sky is green. The sky is not green. The sky is blue.

In a video segment with “The Huffington Post,” Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, firmly squashed the notion that summer programs help a student’s case for admission. Watch as she turns the tide of this video chat. Everyone was all about summer enrichment programs until Bev spoke up and then you’ll note the change in the direction of the conversation. Bev has also published a piece for “The Huffington Post” comparing summer enrichment programs to sleep-away camps. It’s not as though we’re shy. Has anyone ever accused us of being shy? It’s never happened. Not once.

So, parents, save your money. If a summer enrichment program costs $10,000, keep it. Or spend it on college consulting. But don’t pay for a summer enrichment program in the hope it’ll improve your child’s case for admission. Because it won’t. What it will do is demonstrate to highly selective colleges that your child shows a lack of initiative, that he couldn’t come up with anything creative to do on his own over the summer months.

In search of a better way for your child to spend his or her summer — a way that will actually improve their case for admission? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Fill out our free consult form today to inquire about Ivy Coach’s services.


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  • Lailani says:

    Would it help the student if the summer program was free and highly selective like Summer Ventures?

  • Lisa O'Brien says:

    The Duke TIP summer studies ends after their sophomore year as most students are turning sixteen. My daughter has gone all four years and benefited greatly as it has helped shape her career choice. She will spend her next two summers working and she will be driving and eligible. In most cases, the camp does not replace work experience. You can do both.

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