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December 14, 2017

Yale University Class of 2022 Early Action Statistics

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Yale University’s admission rate in the Early Action pool dropped this year to 14.7% (photo credit: Namkota).

A record 5,733 submitted Single Choice Early Action applications to Yale University this year in the hope of being admitted to the university’s Class of 2022. In all, 842 of these students earned admission to the New Haven, Connecticut-based university. This marks an Early Action admit rate of 14.7%. To put this admit rate for the Yale Class of 2022 in historical perspective, 17.1% of Early Action applicants earned admission to the Class of 2021. The same statistic stood at 17% for the Class of 2020 and 16% for the Class of 2019. This marked the lowest Early admit rate at Yale since its Class of 2017, which boasted a 14.4% admission rate.

Breakdown of Yale’s Class of 2022 Early Action Admits

If you happened to be denied in the Early Action round at Yale this year, know that you were among the 29% of applicants who were told outright that you will regrettably not now nor in the spring be earning admission to the Class of 2022. 55% of applicants were deferred to the Regular Decision pool. As our regular readers know well, about 10% of deferred students to highly selective colleges end up earning admission in the Regular Decision round — though we certainly boost the chances of students who first come to us as clients after being deferred with our Letter of Enthusiasm service.

As Anastasiia Posnova reports for “The Yale Daily News” in a piece about Yale’s Class of 2022, “Earlier this year, Quinlan told the News that as the early action pool has grown, it has become ’increasingly diverse’ with a larger number of applicants from groups traditionally underrepresented at Yale and in higher education more broadly. He added that, for the past several years, the University has focused on outreach to students with low-income background who ’traditionally did not think of Yale as a realistic college option.’ This year, the increase in applications from ’virtually every subgroup of applicants that the admissions office tracks,’ including U.S. citizens and permanent residents who identify as members of a minority racial or ethnic group, first-generation college students and international students, outpaced the overall increase in applications, said Director of Outreach and Communications Mark Dunn in November. He added that Yale received early action applications from 49 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and 98 foreign countries. (Dunn did not respond to an email Thursday afternoon asking which state was not represented in the early action pool.)”

You can bet that if a student had a moderate pulse in the 50th state — the only state from which Yale did not offer admission to a student in the Early Action pool — the school would have likely offered him or her admission. Just a ticking pulse. That’s all. We’re half kidding. But as our regular readers know well, not really. Bueller? Bueller? Which state do our readers think Yale missed? We’re ready for your guesses so guess away.

Mazel tov to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Yale this Early Action cycle! We’re so proud of you!

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