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Ivy Coach is quoted today in “The Yale Daily News.”

Ivy Coach was featured yesterday on the pages of “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University. The piece by Luke Ciancarelli is entitled “Yale acceptance rate set to increase” and it focuses, as the title implies, on how Yale’s admission rate will actually increase (and not decrease in a change of pace!) because the school added 175 additional slots to its freshman class due to the establishment of two new residential colleges. Ciancarelli reports that Yale will end up admitting between 300-400 more students than last year to fill the additional 175 slots. So that’s good news for Yale applicants!

We were asked if we thought the increased size of the freshman class would lead to more students applying to Yale. But regular readers of our college admissions blog might guess what we’d have to say about that. As quoted in the piece in “The Yale Daily News,” “Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, did not think that Yale’s expansion was ‘interesting enough data’ to influence students’ decisions to apply early action or regular admission. Taylor said that in his experience, it was not a major topic of conversation among parents and students in the months leading up to this admissions cycle. ‘It doesn’t exactly pull on the heartstrings like, say, an NCAA basketball title does for Duke,’ Taylor said. ‘The data proves each and every year that schools that win NCAA basketball titles secure increased applicant pools the subsequent fall. There is no equivalent data that I’m aware of for schools that increase the size of their freshman classes.'”

Leave it to us to relate everything in college admissions to NCAA basketball. Because who doesn’t. Are you a student who applied Early Action to Yale (or the parent of a student) and, if so, did the increased size of this year’s freshman class influence your decision to apply? We’d be curious to hear from you so post a Comment below and prove us wrong if indeed the new 175 slots made you pull the trigger on Yale in the Early Action round.


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