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Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s Early Action Yale applicants. You all got in.

Yale University has announced its Early Action admits to the Class of 2023. In all, 794 students earned admission yesterday to Yale this fall. These students join 55 students previously offered admission to Yale’s Class of 2023 through the QuestBridge program. These students were selected out of a pool of 6,016 students. This marks an overall Early Action admit rate of just a touch over 13%. It’s a touch over 14% if one includes the QuestBridge students in the arithmetic. To put these figures in historical perspective, Yale received 5,733 Early Action applications for the Class of 2022 and 5,086 applications for the Class of 2021. In fact, Yale has never crossed the 6,000 Early Action application barrier — until now that is. And Yale’s admission rate is also a benchmark. This same figure stood at 14.7% for the Class of 2022 and 17.1% for the Class of 2021. So it was quite the Early Action round at Yale this cycle!

Yale’s Commitment to Aid

Whereas most other highly selective schools focus their press releases on the breakdown of their admits — from ethnicity to first-generation status to geography — Yale’s release focuses on its commitment to aid. As Yale’s Office of Public Affairs & Communications reports for “Yale News” in a piece about the Yale Class of 2023, “The newly admitted students will be the third class to matriculate into 14 residential colleges, as Yale College continues its expansion from 5,400 undergraduate students enrolled in 2016 to approximately 6,200 in fall 2020. Yale’s newest students will also take advantage of recent enhancements to undergraduate financial aid policies. Beginning this year, all students who qualify for a financial aid award with a $0 parent share received free hospitalization insurance coverage, and an additional reduction in Student Effort. These students also received a $2,000 startup grant this year, and will receive $600 supplements in subsequent years. Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid Scott Wallace-Juedes said: ‘We know that the cost of a Yale education extends beyond just the cost of tuition. The new start-up grants and hospitalization coverage ensure that our students with the greatest financial need have what they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. I am proud that we are furthering our extraordinary commitment to making the Yale experience affordable for everyone.'”

A Perfect Yale Sweep for Ivy Coach

And how did Ivy Coach’s students who applied Early Action to Yale do this year? It was another perfect sweep. Each and every one of our students who applied EA to Yale this year earned admission. Think about it. We couldn’t announce these perfect sweeps if even one of our students didn’t get in. And why? Because our clients read our blog over breakfast. As a side note, it kills us when several of our students earn admission to a particular highly selective school in the Early round but one of our students doesn’t get in because they didn’t heed our advice on the choice of Early school(s) or on particular aspects of the application. But c’est la vie! Those students do not impact our statistics since they didn’t listen to us. If they don’t listen to our advice, how can we help them get into the best school possible? However, our policy is to not announce sweeps if even one student who didn’t listen to us didn’t get in.


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