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Two new residential colleges will open on Yale’s campus this coming fall.

The Yale Class of 2021 Early Action data is in and we’ve got it for our readers. Regular readers of “The Yale Daily News” may remember that Yale intended to admit 15% more students for the Class of 2021 than in the recent past due to the opening of two new residential colleges this coming fall, a topic we weighed in on in the school’s newspaper. In all, for the Yale Class of 2021, 5,086 students applied for admission to the university in New Haven. Of those 5,086 applicants, 871 received word they got in. This marks an Early Action admission rate for Yale’s Class of 2021 of 17.1%. And how about the 82.9% of students who did not earn admission? Well, 53% of the entire pool of applicants was deferred, while 28% were denied admission, and 2% either withdrew or submitted incomplete applications.

As reports Luke Ciancarelli for “The Yale Daily News” on the subject of the Yale Class of 2021, “The early action application pool this year is 9 percent larger than that of the year prior, an uptick marking the first major increase in early application numbers after a three-year period of relative stagnation.” So while it wasn’t an all-time record year for Early Action applications this year, it was Yale’s best year over the last several years.

And what did Yale’s Dean of Undergraduate Admissions have to say about the incoming Class of 2021? As reported in “The Yale Daily News,” “‘The Admissions Committee was very impressed with this year’s early applicant pool across every dimension. We are very pleased to offer admission to this first group of students in the Class of 2021, but we also look forward to admitting a much larger group of students through our regular decision process this spring,’ Quinlan said.” We sometimes wonder if deans of admission at highly selective colleges cut and paste their quotes year after year. We kid, we kid. Or do we?

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Yale University as members of the Yale Class of 2021!



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