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December 12, 2023

What To Do After Being Deferred by the University of Virginia

This is a painting by famed artist Georgia O’Keeffe of the UVA rotunda.

Were you deferred to the Class of 2028 in the Early Decision round to the University of Virginia? Or are you anticipating a deferral in the Early Action round in late January? If so, know that a deferral isn’t the end of the world. There’s still hope that your deferral can transform into an offer of admission — but only if you play your cards right. So, what are your post-deferral chances at UVA, and what can you do to optimize your case for admission? Let’s dive in!

UVA Early Decision/Early Action Admissions Statistics

Below, you’ll find UVA’s Early Decision and Early Action admissions statistics over the last six years:

UVA Class YearNumber of Early Decision ApplicationsNumber of Early Decision AcceptancesEarly Decision Acceptance RateNumber of Early Action ApplicationsNumber of Early Action AcceptancesEarly Action Acceptance Rate
Class of 20284,4651,13325.37%37,665TBDTBD
Class of 20274,2431,03824.46%~36,000~5,943~16.51%
Class of 20262,4621,11245.17%~31,0876,24320.08%
Class of 20252,19796043.7%28,8976,54122.64%
Class of 20242,15774834.68%25,1605,21920.74%
Class of 2023N/A*N/A*N/A*25,1266,55026%
* Before the Class of 2024, an Early Decision program was not in place at UVA.

5 Steps to Take After Being Deferred by UVA

After receiving word of a UVA deferral, we at Ivy Coach recommend the following five-step game plan:

  1. Take a moment for yourself. Before you take the fight to UVA, pause for a few hours. It’ll be ok!
  2. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with Ivy Coach to learn about our go-forward services for deferred UVA candidates.
  3. Complete a PostMortem with Ivy Coach so you understand what went right, what went wrong, and what you need to focus on in the Letter of Continued Interest you should submit to UVA imminently.
  4. Write and submit a powerful Letter of Continued Interest to UVA with Ivy Coach’s assistance. No brags. No updates. The secret sauce of Ivy Coach’s students’ letters is they’re wonderfully weird and inspire admissions officers to root for them — not against them.
  5. After you’ve submitted your Letter of Continued Interest (which you should do in mid-December if you were deferred ED), bring your letter to your school counselor and ask if they’ll make an advocacy call on your behalf. With the letter in hand, they’ll be able to present you as you presented yourself in the letter. And if you’re deferred in EA, the process is the same — just bring the letter to your school counselor in early February after you’ve sent it in.

What Not To Do If You’ve Been Deferred by UVA

Below, you’ll find a list of what deferred UVA candidates should not do, and even though some of the things may seem silly, you’d be surprised what deferred candidates will do!

  1. Do not call, text, or email the UVA admissions office to find out why you didn’t get in. Their answer will never be the genuine answer anyway, so why come across as a gadfly?
  2. Do not send holiday presents to the UVA admissions office.
  3. Do not post YouTube videos on why UVA should offer you admission. We get it. You think it’s never been done before. It has — it rarely works.
  4. Do not post ads on buses that make stops on or near the UVA campus, imploring the school to admit you. You laugh. It’s been done!
  5. Do not pester UVA after you’ve submitted your Letter of Continued Interest. Further emails will only render you less likable and lead them to root against you — not for you.

UVA Deferral FAQ

Does UVA accept, defer, and deny Early Decision and Early Action candidates?

Yes, UVA accepts, defers, and denies both Early Decision and Early Action candidates.

Is a UVA deferral meaningful?

Yes, a UVA deferral is meaningful because UVA denies many applicants (so, it could have been worse!). And while UVA isn’t always so specific, for its Class of 2027, “hundreds” of Early Decision candidates were deferred.

Do Early Decision candidates to UVA have stronger odds of admission than Early Action candidates?

Yes, by leaps and bounds! Just have a look at the Early Decision and Early Action admission rates for the last six years listed above. The ED admission rate ranges from 45.17% for the Class of 2026 to 24.47 for the Class of 2027. Meanwhile, the EA admission rate ranges from 16.51% for the Class of 2027 to 26% for the Class of 2023.

Of course! Early Decision candidates made a binding commitment to the institution. Early Action candidates made no such commitment. UVA shows that love back to ED candidates by offering them improved odds of admission.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with UVA Deferral

If you’re interested in optimizing your chances of admission to the Virginia flagship, fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form, and we’ll be in touch to outline our go-forward college counseling services for deferred candidates.

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