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January 22, 2024

What To Do After Being Deferred by the University of Michigan

Angell Hall near State Street is featured on the University of Michigan’s campus.
The University of Michigan notifies Early Action candidates of their decisions in late January (photo credit: Chris Rycroft).

If you’ve been deferred after the Early Action round at the University of Michigan and are still hoping to earn a seat in the Class of 2028, know that it’s not impossible — not by a long shot. You’ve still got a fighting chance. There’s still a chance that you can be a conquering hero and hail, hail to Michigan! So, what are your chances after your Michigan deferral, and what should you do going forward?

University of Michigan Early Action Admission Statistics

Michigan has historically withheld its Early Action and Regular Decision admissions statistics, instead only releasing the admissions figures for the overall pool each year.

So, if you see admissions statistics for Michigan’s Early Action round online, they are not credible. After all, they’re in no university press release, no article in The Michigan Daily, and no Common Data Set (the data made publicly available that all schools complete — some just in a more in-depth way than others).

That said, while Michigan’s admissions committee writes on its website that “the chief advantage of Early Action” is it “provides you with a guaranteed decision date. For many students, this enables better planning,” know that they’re not being completely forthright. Why’s that? Because another “chief advantage” is that Early applicants tend to have better odds of admission than Regular Decision applicants across the spectrum of elite universities. Michigan is no exception in this regard.

5 Steps to Take After Being Deferred by Michigan

  1. Fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form to learn about our go-forward service for deferred Michigan applicants.
  2. Complete a PostMortem application review. We know that Michigan decisions come out in late January, after Regular Decision deadlines, so it’s no longer possible to make adjustments to RD applications. Yet, we still need to go through your application in its entirety. After all, when you reach out to Michigan though the next step, what you write can’t be out of left field. It needs to be consistent with the narrative you’ve previously shared — just much more powerfully told.
  3. Submit a compelling Letter of Continued Interest to Michigan’s admissions committee. Contrary to popular belief, the letter should include no brags and no updates. It should be a love letter to the Ann Arbor-based institution, filled with specific after specific of how you’ll contribute your hopefully wonderfully weird singular hook to the campus.
  4. After you’ve submitted your Letter of Continued Interest, bring it to your school counselor and ask your school counselor to make an advocacy call on your behalf. With the letter in hand, they’ll be able to present you to Michigan as you presented yourself in your letter rather than just say generic information that doesn’t move the needle.
  5. After asking your school counselor to make an advocacy call on your behalf, there’s nothing more you can do. So re-focus your energy on things you can control. And don’t make the mistake of contacting Michigan multiple times. You’ll only come across as you likely fear you’ll come across — as a gadfly.

University of Michigan Deferral FAQ

Is a Michigan deferral meaningful?

Yes, while Michigan doesn’t release the percentage of students deferred vs. denied from the Early Action round, we’ve had great success through the years with helping deferred Michigan applicants earn seats. Heck, we even once had a student who received their acceptance in person from multiple Michigan admissions officers! They were rooting for this student that much! And that’s what we at Ivy Coach do — we inspire admissions officers to want to root for our students!

Can Michigan subsequently waitlist a deferred candidate?

Yes, in the past, we’ve had students who have earned slots on Michigan’s waitlist after being deferred. Frankly, we think that’s wrong. After all, Michigan’s admissions committee has had enough time to weigh the case for admission of an Early Action candidate that there’s no need to kick the can down the road on two separate occasions. These students submitted applications by November 1st. Render a decision, Michigan — just saying!

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Michigan Deferral

If you’d like to optimize your case for admission to the University of Michigan’s Class of 2028, fill out Ivy Coach’s free consult form; after you click that you’re a senior, indicate that you’ve been deferred, and we’ll be in touch to outline our go-forward services for deferred candidates.

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