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December 12, 2023

What To Do After Being Deferred by Tufts

The brick Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is featured at Tufts University.

Did Tufts University defer you in the Early Decision round to its Class of 2028? If so, chin up! The outcome could have been worse: you could have been denied admission outright. But, as a deferred candidate, you still have a fighting chance of earning admission to the Tufts Class of 2028. So, what are your chances, and what can you do to optimize your case for admission in Regular Decision? Let’s dive in!

Tufts Early Decision Admissions Statistics

Below are Tufts’ Early Decision admissions statistics over the last 13 years. Note that for some of these years, including the most recent years, Tufts did not release its Early Decision admissions statistics. So, while you can find such figures online, we at Ivy Coach don’t believe any are accurate since none, in our calculations, stem from Tufts.

Tufts Class YearNumber of Early Decision Applications (Combined ED I and ED II)Number of Early Decision Acceptances (Combined ED I and ED II)Early Decision Acceptance Rate (Combined ED I and ED II)
Class of 2028Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2027Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2026Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2025Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2024Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2023Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 20222,26295742.31%
Class of 2021Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 2020Not ReleasedNot ReleasedNot Released
Class of 20191,83972139.2%
Class of 20181,72067139.01%
Class of 20171,57256035.62%
Class of 20161,38454639.45%

5 Steps to Take After Being Deferred by Tufts

  1. Go for a walk outside. Clear your head. Before you attack your Tufts deferral, you need to take a moment for yourself.
  2. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with Ivy Coach to learn about our post-deferral service.
  3. Complete a PostMortem with Ivy Coach, so you can find out what mistakes you made on your Tufts application. While you won’t be able to correct these mistakes for Tufts, you still have time to make these fixes for your other Regular Decision schools.
  4. Submit a compelling Letter of Continued Interest to Tufts with Ivy Coach’s assistance — within a few days of your deferral. In a word, Ivy Coach’s letters are weird. It’s a big reason why they’re so often effective. And, no, they contain no brags and no updates. Our students’ competitors write such unlikable nonsense.
  5. In the New Year, ask your school counselor to make an advocacy call on your behalf. And bring your already submitted Letter of Continued Interest to your school counselor so they can present you as you presented yourself in your letter.

What Not To Do After Being Deferred by Tufts

  1. Do not call the Tufts admissions office to find out why you didn’t get in. They don’t wish to speak with you. Deal with it.
  2. Do not email the Tufts admissions office. Some students come to us after being deferred by Tufts for assistance with a Letter of Continued Interest — only for us to find out that they’ve already emailed the Tufts admissions office after receiving word of their deferral. Such superfluous communications will only drown out the power of your letter.
  3. Do not pitch a tent outside the Tufts admissions office. You might laugh, but students come up with all sorts of bird-brained ideas.
  4. Do not post a YouTube video to the Tufts admissions committee. You might think it’s never been done and it will give you a chance for them to see you, but it’s not a novel idea, and they don’t need to see your face. Express yourself through your letter.
  5. Do not pepper Tufts with communications after you submit your letter. We’re okay with your school counselor contacting Tufts after you submit your letter. We love advocacy calls from them! But it would help to restrict your communication to Tufts to that letter.

Tufts Deferral FAQ

Does Tufts accept, defer, and deny Early Decision I and II applicants?

Yes, Tufts accepts, defers, and denies Early Decision I and II candidates. All deferred candidates — be it through Early Decision I or Early Decision II — will learn of their decision by April 1, 2024.

Is a Tufts deferral meaningful?

Yes, unlike some schools, Tufts is not known to defer the bulk of the Early Decision applicant pool. As such, a Tufts deferral is meaningful.

Is Tufts more challenging to get into than its current US News & World Report ranking may imply?

Yes! Tufts, in Ivy Coach’s view, can be as difficult to earn admission to as the likes of Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University. Don’t be fooled by its relatively low ranking in US News & World Report. While US News enjoys an outsized influence on the highly selective college admissions process, it’s just a magazine at the end of the day.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Your Tufts Deferral

If you’ve been deferred by Tufts and seek to optimize your case for admission in Regular Decision, fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form, and we’ll be in touch to outline our go-forward services for deferred candidates to the Class of 2028.

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