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December 13, 2023

Deferred from Carnegie Mellon: Statistics and Next Steps

Hamerschlag Hall is on the right and Scott Hall is on the left at Carnegie Mellon University, as viewed from Schenley Bridge.
Carnegie Mellon’s Early Decision applicant pool has grown drastically over the years (photo credit: Dllu).

Were you deferred by Carnegie Mellon University this Early Decision cycle for the Class of 2028? If so, turn that frown upside down. It’s not over ’til it’s over — and it’s not over yet. So, what does your CMU deferral mean, and how can you optimize your chances of admission to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based institution in Regular Decision? Let’s dive in!

Carnegie Mellon Early Decision Admissions Statistics Over 20+ Years

Below, you’ll find nearly a quarter of century worth of Early Decision admission statistics for Carnegie Mellon University, a school which now has two rounds of Early Decision. Notice any discernible trends? We do, we do! Yes, CMU’s Early Decision applications have risen drastically over the years, Early Decision admits have steadily increased, and the ED admission rate has plummeted.

Carnegie Mellon Class YearNumber of Early Decision ApplicationsNumber of Early Decision AcceptancesEarly Decision Acceptance Rate
Class of 2028Not Yet PublishedNot Yet PublishedNot Yet Published
Class of 2027Not Yet PublishedNot Yet PublishedNot Yet Published
Class of 20264,25856713.32%
Class of 20252,97259219.92%
Class of 20241,78044525%
Class of 20231,64134621.08%
Class of 20221,38434625%
Class of 20211,29434126.35%
Class of 20201,14332628.52%
Class of 201993931333.33%
Class of 20181,08335332.59%
Class of 201796534235.44%
Class of 201688530834.8%
Class of 20151,25826320.9%
Class of 2014111026924.23%
Class of 201385524929.12%
Class of 201299522622.71%
Class of 201181328234.69%
Class of 201042924958.04%
Class of 200933917952.8%
Class of 200832115648.6%
Class of 200727313348.72%
Class of 200628110437.01%
Class of 20051968141.33%
Class of 20042179543.78%

Carnegie Mellon Deferral Rate

Carnegie Mellon does not typically release the percentage of Early Decision candidates the school defers vs. denies. If you happen to see such a percentage online, we have a feeling you’re confusing students who choose to defer their enrollment (by taking a gap year) with deferred candidates. Don’t feel silly — many students get confused!

5 Steps to Take After Being Deferred by Carnegie Mellon

  1. Go for a run. Do yoga. Hit the pool for a swim. Whatever you need to do to clear your head, do it! You’ll tackle your deferral, but you first need a moment to yourself.
  2. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with Ivy Coach to learn about our go-forward service for deferred candidates.
  3. Suffer through a PostMortem application review with Ivy Coach. It’s going to hurt to hear what mistakes were made, but you need to fix these mistakes before you submit your Regular Decision applications. While some mistakes will indeed be too late to fix, many will still be correctable over the last two weeks of December.
  4. Submit a compelling Letter of Continued Interest to CMU with Ivy Coach’s assistance. It’s now just about submitting a letter. It’s about submitting a wow letter. We’re going to help you present yourself to Carnegie Mellon’s admissions committee in the most effective way possible.
  5. In the New Year, bring your Letter of Continued Interest to your school counselor and ask them to make an advocacy call on your behalf to CMU. Some school counselors won’t make such calls, but good school counselors will pick up the phone and fight for you.

What Not To Do If You’ve Been Deferred by Carnegie Mellon

  1. Do not call or email the CMU admissions office to find out why you were deferred. No matter what rationale they give you, the chances it’s the real reason are slim to none anyway.
  2. Do not send a short note to CMU reiterating your interest, thinking you’ll send your more formal Letter of Continued Interest later. You get once chance to make your case in your letter. Don’t drown out its power.
  3. Avoid driving to Carnegie Mellon and throwing eggs at the admissions office. That should go without saying, but you never know! And don’t bake them a cake either. They might be gluten free. But, seriously, no cakes! Oh, and no videos — oy vey!
  4. Do not burn several days after your deferral before sending a Letter of Continued Interest. Such a move implies you may have developed a case of sour grapes.
  5. Refrain from reaching out repeatedly to CMU’s admissions office after submitting your Letter of Continued Interest. Less is more. Such an approach will only render you less likable to the admissions committee and drown out the power of Ivy Coach’s effective approach.

Moving Forward Post-CMU Deferral with Ivy Coach

Overall, about 10% of deferred applicants earn admission in Regular Decision. Over the last three decades, 25% of students who have first come to Ivy Coach after receiving deferrals from Carnegie Mellon have earned admission. So, while we can’t give you a fantastic shot of admission, we can dramatically improve your odds.

If you’re interested in optimizing your case for admission to Carnegie Mellon’s Class of 2028, fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form, click that you’ve been deferred, and we’ll be in touch to outline our go-forward services for deferred candidates.

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