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February 25, 2020

Wash U Class of 2024 Early Decision Statistics

All students who made binding commitments to Wash U this year have now learned of their decisions.

Washington University in St. Louis recently released decisions for its Early Decision II round for the Class of 2024, wrapping up its latest Early Decision process. And as Ted Moskal reports for Student Life in a piece entitled “WU admits new batch of Early Decision II applicants,” Wash U’s Director of Admissions Emily Almas “declined to provide specific numbers regarding the size of this year’s ED/ED II applicant pool and acceptance rate, but indicated that the results would be ’very similar’ to those from last year. So what were last year’s figures?

Last year, 38% of Early Decision I and II candidates earned admission. Approximately 60% of the incoming class was filled by Early Decision admits. And the overall admit rate stood at 16%. But while Wash U’s Director of Admissions “declined to provide specific numbers,” we’ve got a specific number for our readers: 708 students were admitted via Early Decision I this year to Wash U. The university previously released this figure so come on, Ms. Almas — don’t pretend you’re being too cool for school by not releasing the figures when some of the numbers are already out there for public consumption!

In fact, Ms. Almas offered little in the way of specifics about this year’s admitted students to Wash U. Instead, she offered a generic quote that she can use year in and year out: “’We are really fortunate at Wash. U. to have a robust and really talented and deep applicant pool throughout the year,’ Almas said. ’So whether it is our Early Decision I applicant pool, whether it’s students who are applying to us through the QuestBridge match process, students who are applying to us through Early Decision II or students who are applying via Regular Decision, we’re really fortunate.’”

We’re glad Wash U is so fortunate but, going forward, we encourage the school to offer more insight into its admitted students. If the admissions office doesn’t wish to share all the statistics, that’s fine. But then share some stories. Tell us about a blueberry farmer in Vietnam who earned admission or tell us about other students like Zussy Chavira Duron of St. Louis who learned of her admission in person at her high school from Wash U admissions officers, including Ms. Almas. Here’s hoping — like last year — Wash U offers more specifics about their admitted students when the Regular Decision process concludes. We have faith the school will do just that!

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to Wash U this Early Decision cycle. Every one of you got in!

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