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November 23, 2021

UVA Class of 2026 Early Application Figures

Early applications surged to an all-time record at the University of Virginia this year.

The University of Virginia, one of our nation’s top public universities, has received a record number of both Early Decision and Early Action applications to its Class of 2026. The school, which offers Early applicants the option of applying under its binding Early Decision policy or its non-binding Early Action policy, had a banner year last year in the Early round. Yet the UVA admissions office chose not to rest on its laurels, overachieving this Early cycle as well by receiving an unprecedented number of applications. In all, UVA received 3,442 Early Decision applications to its Class of 2026, marking a 17% increase from last Early cycle. Additionally, UVA received 31,152 Early Action applications to its Class of 2026, a 7% increase from last year. Last Early cycle, we reported that Early Decision applications were up 35% and Early Action applications were up 15%. In sum, the figures just keep going up, up, and away!

Breakdown of Early Applicants to University of Virginia Class of 2026

As Jamie Jeong reports for The Cavalier Daily in a piece entitled “U.Va. receives record early decision and early action applications for the Class of 2026,” “The early decision and early action applicant pools consist of 18,227 white applicants, which compares to 5,478 Asian applicants, 2,793 Hispanic applicants, 1,732 Black applicants, 23 Native Hawaiian applicants, 1,737 with more than one race listed and 1,914 with no race listed…All of these mark an increase in all demographics with the exception of the Native American applicant pool, which had 28 applicants in both this year’s and last year’s cycles. With the exception of the School of Nursing, every undergraduate school saw an increase in applicants with the School of Architecture up 24 percent, the College of Arts and Sciences up by 6 percent, the School of Education up by 14 percent, and the School of Engineering up by 18 percent. Applications to the School of Nursing decreased by five percent. An increasing number of first-generation college students and legacy students applied for admission to the University this year. First-generation applications increased by 29 percent from 3,902 to 3,974 and legacy applications increased by two percent from 2,166 to 2,220. There were also 3,251 international applicants, making up 10 percent of total applications.”

It’s Too Early to Ascertain Trends in Early Application Figures

Ivy Coach’s crystal ball predicted strong Early numbers for our nation’s elite universities, though not as strong as last year when records were shattered due to newly announced test-optional policies. So far, among the highly selective universities that have released Early figures, applications are up at UVA and down at Yale University (though Early Action applications to Yale are the second-strongest in the school’s history). So it’s a split-decision so far on whether or not Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball will strike again with this latest prophecy. It’s simply too early to tell. More numbers need to be released by these institutions in the days to come to ascertain a definitive trend. Stay tuned!

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