UVA Class of 2025 Early Applications

Early applications are up big time at UVA this fall.

A recent Wall Street Journal article on Early application numbers across American universities suggests that applications are down this fall. As Maya Goldman and Melissa Korn report for The Wall Street Journal, “Through Nov. 2, the Common Application had nearly 8% fewer first-year applications than in the same period last year—and 10% fewer applicants.” But our readers should remember that most American universities aren’t particularly selective. The statistics that our readers are surely more interested in are the application figures at our nation’s elite universities. And allow us to be clear: applications are not down this year — not at all. They’re up. And they’re up significantly.

The University of Virginia is a case in point. Early applications to UVA, one of our nation’s finest public universities, are up this year — and they are up big time. Early Decision applications to the school founded by Thomas Jefferson are up by a margin of 35% as the school received 2,918 ED applications to its Class of 2025. Early Action applications are up 15% with the school receiving 28,884 EA applications to its Class of 2025.

Breakdown of the Early Applicants to UVA’s Class of 2025

As Emma Gallagher reports for The Cavalier Daily in a piece entitled “U.Va. receives record early decision, early action applications for the Class of 2025,” “Among early decision applicants, 54 percent of students were from Virginia, while the remaining 46 percent were out-of-state applicants. 28 percent of early action applicants were from Virginia, and 72 percent of applications were out-of-state…The early applicant pool includes 215 first-generation applicants and 493 legacy applicants who applied by the early decision deadline.”

“The early decision applicant pool consists of 1,677 white applicants, 412 Asian applicants, 177 Hispanic applicants, 66 Black applicants, one American Indian applicant, 297 foreign national applicants and 135 with more than one race listed. In the early action applicant pool, there were 2,735 first-generation applicants and 1,585 legacy applicants. The demographic breakdown for early action applicants includes 15,401 white applicants, 4,340 Asian applicants, 2,286 Hispanic applicants, 1,378 Black applicants, 24 American Indian applicants,15 Native Hawaiian applicants, 2,542 foreign national applicants and 1,446 applicants with more than one race listed.”

Stay tuned for updates on Early Decision / Early Action application figures to the Class of 2025 at our nation’s other elite universities.


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  • Brendan Nelson says:

    I am sincerely interested in your opinion on the uptick at UVA? As a Virginia resident and recalling how many kids with decent stats thought UVA was ‘unreachable’ when I was a high schooler (and therefore applied to other in-state options JMU and VA TECH, would it have anything to do with no test scores required? I wonder if that cohort (with marginal scores) now thinks they have a shot with ED?

    • Alexander says:

      From anecdotal evidence based on my high school senior’s peers, I think that’s exactly what is happening. The kids with good/decent grades but average scores (or no scores) are saying “why not give the Ivies or UVA or UNC a shot during the early round?”

      This would also be consistent with the evidence that college applications *overall* are down this year.

      Applicants are just more willing to be more aggressive in the early rounds because they think test scores will not be the usual barrier.

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