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UVA Early Action applications are up this year.

The University of Virginia has received more Early Action applications to its Class of 2024 than in any year prior. This year also marks the ninth year in a row that the Early Action applications have risen at Virginia. In total, 25,063 students submitted non-binding Early Action applications to the university Thomas Jefferson founded. This data comes on the heels of UVA’s announcement that the school received 2,157 binding Early Decision applications to its Class of 2024, a drop from the last time UVA offered an Early Decision policy back in 2006. As we previously reported, UVA announced back in May the reinstatement of an Early Decision policy to go along with its existing Early Action policy. In any case, how exactly does the Early Action pool break down? Wonder no more!

African American, First Generation Applicant Numbers Up in UVA Early Action Pool

As Bridget Starrs reports in a piece for The Cavalier Daily entitled “U.Va. receives largest early action applicant pool in its history for the Class of 2024,” “According to Dean of Admissions Greg Roberts, University admissions experienced an increase in early action applications received from both prospective African American students and first-generation college students this year, compared to last year’s early action applicant pool. This year, the University received 1,172 early action applications from prospective African American students — a 17 percent increase from last year. First-generation college students comprised over nine percent of this year’s applicant pool at 2,378 applicants, a two percent increase from last year.”

International Application Numbers Decline in UVA Early Action Pool

But all numbers were not on the rise in this year’s Early Action pool. International applications nosedived this year, down 19% from last year — with 2,192 international students submitting Early Action applications. And while UVA’s admissions czar is quick to point out that international application numbers have dropped as part of a national trend (“Many schools have experienced a decline in international applications over the last several years,” Roberts said), do note this trend has not impacted the vast majority of America’s highly selective institutions. UVA is a highly selective American institution. So while it’s easy for the dean of admissions to shrug off UVA’s declining international applicant figures as part of a broad national trend, he should not be lumping his failure this year in attracting more international applicants with a trend that does not exist at America’s nation’s elite universities. Respectfully, let’s not make excuses and perpetuate misconceptions, Dean Roberts.


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