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Use your Early Decision card or your Early Action card wisely. It’s one of the few cards that college applicants have.

Use your Early Decision card! Or your Early Action card. And use it wisely. So often, we hear from students and parents something along these lines: “We’re not sure which college Eli wants to attend. He’s not ready to make up his mind right now. He needs time. Maybe he’ll have a better sense in a few months when he applies Regular Decision. Hopefully then he’ll have a bunch of options to choose from. To commit to a school now doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.” Wrong, wrong, wrong!

For parents and students who are thinking along these lines, we strongly urge you to change your way of thinking. Allow us to help you. You can only attend one college (unless you transfer but who actually wants to transfer?). So you’re going to have to commit to one college in time anyway. Why not commit now instead of in a few months? What difference does a few months make? Making the decision about which college you attend can be a difficult one. There are likely a number of factors that go into your decision. But those factors are going to exist in a few months anyhow and when you apply Early Decision or Early Action, your odds of actually getting into your dream school are greatly improved!

Your Early Decision or Early Action card is one of the few cards students have in highly selective college admission. To not use it — and to not use it wisely — is a grave mistake. Our students at Ivy Coach who come to us as clients in advance of the Early deadlines apply Early Decision or Early Action. They don’t wait it out for Regular Decision. They don’t procrastinate on their decision-making. Because we show them the data. The numbers are clear. When you apply Early, you have much better odds of getting in! And getting in is what we’re all about at Ivy Coach. If you’re not convinced, take a look for yourself at the data through our Ivy League Admissions Statistics. Note the admission rate for the eight Ivy League schools via Early policies. Note the admission rate for the eight Ivy League schools via Regular Decision. Stark contrast indeed.


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