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February 5, 2021

University of Virginia Class of 2025 Early Action Statistics

This year marked a record year in admissions for the University of Virginia.

We previously reported that Early Decision applications to the University of Virginia were up by a margin of 35% and that Early Action applications were by up a margin of 15% as compared to last year. Well, in the second phase of UVA’s admissions process for the Class of 2025, UVA has offered Early Action admission to 6,186 EA applicants drawn from a pool of 28,897 EA applicants. This marks an EA admit rate of 21.4%. Additionally, 968 applicants previously earned admission to UVA’s Class of 2025 through its Early Decision program.

As Jane Kelly reports for UVA Today in a piece entitled “In Historic Application Year, UVA Offers Early Action Admission to More than 6,000,” “This year, 28,897 people applied for admission during the early action cycle. Of those applications, 21,048 came from people living outside the state of Virginia. Thirty percent of applicants from Virginia were offered admission. Among out-of-state students, 18% were offered a spot in the Class of 2025. UVA has offered admission to 692 first-generation students via the early decision and early action application phases. The total offer rate for this year’s early action cycle is 21%, as was the case last year.”

UVA’s total applicant pool for the Class of 2025 — between Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision — surged by 17% from just last year with a record pool of 47,827 applicants. So it was quite the year indeed for one of America’s most prestigious public universities. Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who completed Early Action applications with us to the University of Virginia — you all got in! And if you’re curious to put UVA’s Early figures for this year’s admissions cycle in further context, do check out UVA’s Early admissions figures for the Class of 2024.

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