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December 18, 2022

University of Pennsylvania Class of 2027 Early Decisions Admissions Statistics

University Of Pennsylvania Class Of 2027 Early Decisions Admissions Statistics
The University Of Pennsylvania set a new application benchmark for Early Decision this year (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

It was a record Early Decision cycle for the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2027. Over 8,000 students applied to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Ivy League institution under the school’s binding policy. It marked the largest Early Decision applicant pool in the school’s history, eclipsing last year’s 7,795 applicants and the 7,962 Early Decision applicants to the UPenn Class of 2025. Before the Class of 2025, as UPenn’s historical admissions statistics lay bare, the Early Decision applicant pool to UPenn never hit 7,200 applications.

UPenn Keeps Early Decision Admission Rate A Secret For Now

And what percentage of the over 8,000 applicants earned admission? UPenn’s admissions office hasn’t yet disclosed this figure, likely to make it seem like UPenn isn’t trying to add to anxieties surrounding the elite college admissions process. Still, we have some details on the demographics of the admits to UPenn’s Class of 2027.

Geographic Breakdown of the UPenn Class of 2027 Admits

Early Decision admits to UPenn’s Class of 2027 hail from 43 states in addition to Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Saipan. International admits hail from 65 nations. Last year, for the Early Decision admits to UPenn’s Class of 2026, students hailed from 42 states in addition to Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. International admits came from 60 countries. So both figures were up this year!

UPenn Withholds Other Demographic Data on UPenn Class of 2027 Admits

In addition to not releasing its Early Decision admission rate for the Class of 2027, UPenn still needs to publish other demographic data on the admits to its incoming class. Typically, UPenn releases figures on the percentage of African American / Black, Latino, Native American admits, and more. Yet, the school has refrained from doing so thus far this year. We can only conjecture it’s either because the number of underrepresented minority students is slightly down this year or because America’s Supreme Court is currently deciding the legality of Affirmative Action.

The Possible Rationale for UPenn’s Reluctance to Release the Admissions Figures

UPenn’s Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions, Whitney Soule, suggests that the number of underrepresented minority students is up this Early Decision cycle. But, Dean Soule, show, don’t tell. In our experience, when admissions offices don’t release the specific breakdowns, at least the numbers for certain demographics are down. Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball thus now forecasts that the percentage of some underrepresented minority demographics is down this year among admits.

Ivy Coach’s Assistance Moving Forward for Deferred and Denied UPenn Applicants

They also represent more diversity among their racial and ethnic heritage, their socioeconomic backgrounds (including those who will qualify for Pell grants), and the proportion of students who will be the first in their families to attend college than in any previous Early Decision round.”

Whitney Soule, UPenn’s Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions, on the UPenn Class of 2027 ED admits, Penn Today.

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