University of Pennsylvania Class of 2023 Acceptance Videos

The University of Pennsylvania’s “The Daily Pennsylvanian” recently posted one of the best college admissions videos we’ve ever seen. It’s a mashup of Early Decision applicants to its Class of 2023 learning of their offers of admission. Watching these young people experience this moment of pure joy brings tears to the eyes. We particularly loved the videos of students learning about their acceptances with their families (some looked like they were filmed at boarding schools, among friends). Our absolute favorite is when a student named Amy gets in and her dad jubilantly enters the frame, jumping up and down. The runner up? When a student named Bilal, seated beneath an inflated rainbow hanging on the wall, runs off camera to celebrate with his mom upon learning of his admission.

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2023 this Early Decision cycle! We hope all of you experienced moments like these…and didn’t just text your mom or dad that you got in. We hate it when our students do that. It’s so lame! There are only so many moments like these in life; they should be enjoyed!


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