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The University of Chicago has added two rounds of Early Decision in addition to Early Action.

For the Class of 2021, not only is the University of Chicago accepting the Common Application, the Universal Application, and the Coalition Application, the school has also changed the way students can apply. In the past, students only had the option of applying Early Action (or Regular Decision), and the University of Chicago was always a great choice in the Early round if a student was applying to other Early Action schools — including those that subscribed to Restrictive Early Action policies. Students even applied to the University of Chicago Early Action while applying to another college Early Decision. That was always a great strategy, one we encouraged. Why not have backups in the Early round? It’s only logical. A student just couldn’t apply to the University of Chicago if they were applying to colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford because these four institutions are Single Choice Early Action schools.

Early applicants to the University of Chicago, beginning with the Class of 2021, will now have more options.

For the Class of 2021, the University of Chicago has kept its Early Action option intact, but the university has added not only Early Decision I but also Early Decision II. With these added options in the Early round, we may have to walk back a bit what we said just yesterday¬†on the pages of our college admissions blog. Apparently the University of Chicago does care very much about the number of undergraduate applications they receive — that’s why they’re adding more options for Early applicants. And yet the school still wants its applicants to love the University of Chicago and to show their interest in the school…hence their very unique essay prompts (prompts that are arguably more unique than any other university in America).

What do you think of the University of Chicago’s three Early options — Early Action, Early Decision I, and Early Decision II? We’re curious to hear from our readers so do post a Comment below and we’ll be sure to write back.


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