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Well hello there, Jumbo!

Tufts University has released its figures for the first of two rounds of Early Decision — for the Class of 2021. In all, 574 students have already been turned into elephants. We mean Jumbos. And in a refreshing change of pace, the new dean of admissions — unlike the dean at just about every other highly selective university — didn’t reference the number of applicants or even the admission rate in her post about the first round of Early Decision at Tufts.

As Tufts’ Dean of Admissions Karen Richardson writes on the Tufts admissions blog, “The first 574 Jumbos in the Class of 2021 have been revealed! They hail from 30 countries and 39 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, want to major in everything from Peace and Justice Studies to Earth and Ocean Sciences to Mechanical Engineering, and do everything from caring for younger siblings to excelling in a variety of sports to doing carpentry in their spare time. Connections are already being made through Facebook and other social media platforms. My colleagues are gearing up to begin reading even MORE applications for ED II and Regular Decision. And I’m heaving a GIANT sigh of relief.”

We love it when deans of admission call out specific applicants — not by name but through their stories. Like the student who enjoys carpentry. We’re all about the carpentry kids! That is wonderfully weird and as regular readers of our college admissions blog know well, we’re all about wonderful weirdness. In fact, our students are so often so weird that we have a long history of our students getting called out in these very kinds of press releases.


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