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December 8, 2021

Those Looming College Decisions

Early Decision and Early Action notifications are coming out soon (photo credit: Namkota).

In a week from now, students from across America and around the world will have most of their Early Action / Early Decision results in hand. So we suppose you’re guessing here’s where we write to breathe in, breathe out, to stop watching the pot on the stovetop because you know what they say about watched pots. We suppose you’re guessing here’s where we write it really doesn’t matter all that much where you go to college. All that matters is that you give it your best shot and any college would be oh so lucky to have you. But we don’t write nonsense on the pages of this college admissions blog. We don’t write what you want to hear just because you want to hear it. We write the truth. Can you handle the truth?

It certainly does matter where you go to college. Are there some Fortune 500 CEOs who didn’t attend Ivy League institutions or other top universities like Stanford, MIT, Duke, Northwestern, and others? Sure, but there’s a reason that over one-fourth of America’s richest people attended one of twelve colleges. There’s a reason Supreme Court Justices so often attended Yale Law School or Harvard Law School. There’s a reason so many thousands of students compete each year for the chance to earn a coveted slot at these institutions that so often boast single digit overall admission rates. There’s a reason parents have dressed their babies in Harvard onesies for generations.

In our experience, when people say it really doesn’t matter where you go to college, they probably didn’t attend a very good college. They probably didn’t get to forge lifelong friendships with fellow classmates who would go on to become captains of finance and education, media, philanthropy, and so much more. When one doesn’t get in somewhere, one tends to knock it. A secret society is too elitist. A five star restaurant with no available tables through 2027 has totally average food. You get the idea. But even though it really does matter where you go to college — for the education, those lifelong friendships, that first job, the confidence at the party — know that it will all work out in the end. You will end up where you’re meant to end up and, in our experience, people who are happiest in life make the best of their experience — no matter where they go to college.

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