The Power of the Postmortem Evaluation

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Ivy Coach’s Postmortem Evaluation offers students — who were not previously our clients — a clear path forward in the Regular Decision round.

A parent, who is not our client, recently wrote in saying, “My son, who was recently deferred, has already completed all of his other applications. So we don’t really need a postmortem service on the early school to apply for RD at other schools. We really just need help on the Letter of Enthusiasm.” Now, if this parent really believes what she’s written, there’s not much we can do for her son. We can only help people who know they need our help. We make little effort to persuade people that they need our help since, well, there are enough folks who know they need it. But why oh why would a parent be so convinced that a student need not make any changes to their Regular Decision applications after a deferral in the Early round?

The Postmortem Evaluation Can Change Regular Decision Fate

During Ivy Coach’s Postmortem Evaluation, we will dissect each and every component of a student’s Early Decision / Early Action application. Maybe a student wrote about sports, music, community service, dead grandparents, or travel to faraway lands in their Personal Statement (can you say: cliché?). Maybe a student presented as well-rounded in their Activities, showcasing activities from the clarinet to field hockey, Key Club, student council, and everything in between. Maybe the student checked that they don’t know what they want to study on the college’s supplement. Maybe the student checked that they’re Native American because, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, their 23andMe test said so (can you say: where’s your tribal number?). Who knows. But if a student was deferred, one thing we know for sure is that we’ll find mistakes on that Early application. And many, though not all, of these mistakes can still be corrected before the Regular Decision deadline. More than two weeks is not nothing; it’s something.

To Make The Same Mistakes Again is Nonsensical

So if you believe there’s nothing to be done for Regular Decision applications, that the applications are already signed, sealed, though not yet delivered and one’s sole focus should be on the Letter of Enthusiasm to the Early school, all we can do is suggest you rethink your strategy and rethink that strategy quickly. We are all about submitting the most powerful Letter of Enthusiasm possible to the Early school in the unfortunate event of a deferral. But to make the same mistakes in the Regular Decision round that were made in the Early Decision / Early Action round is, well, baffling. Utterly baffling! Use the time over the next couple of weeks to figure out what went wrong and to make the necessary changes, which you’ll learn about through our Postmortem Evaluation, so you don’t receive similar news in a few months from now.

If you’d like to sign up for a Postmortem Evaluation, kindly complete our free consult form and indicate Postmortem Evaluation in the comments section.


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