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December 10, 2016

Stanford Early Action Class of 2021

Stanford Class of 2021, Stanford Early Action, Stanford Early Action Notifications
Stanford University notified Early Action applicants of decisions this Friday (photo credit: King of Hearts).

Are you a new member of the Stanford University Class of 2021? Stanford released their Early Action decisions yesterday. Big congratulations to our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to one of toughest schools to get into in all of America. Ok, maybe the toughest school. What can we say — it’s a bit of a toss-up with Harvard. What’s ironic is that each and every year, folks write in asking us if we help students get into Stanford. We get where they’re coming from. After all, we’re Ivy Coach. We’ve got a good name. We know it. But of course we help students earn admission to all highly selective colleges — not just the eight Ancient Eight institutions. And regular readers of our blog know well that if there is one school in particular where we have the most success, it is Stanford.

Restrictive Early Action

Interestingly (or uninterestingly depending upon your perspective), Stanford won’t be releasing its Early Action admissions data until later in the year, after the Regular Decision round. As reported by Ada Statler-Throckmorton in a piece about the Stanford Class of 2021 for “The Stanford Daily,” “In a break with recent tradition, however, the early admission statistics will not be released at this time. In a brief email to The Daily, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Richard Shaw wrote that the release of early admissions data in the last several years had been ’exceptional.’ ’Our policy is to release data at end of cycle,’ Shaw wrote. ’We have returned to our standard approach in communicating about the Class.’ Stanford had released the number of early acceptances, deferrals and rejections from the restricted early applicant pool in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010. According to vice president for communications Lisa Lapin, these were not formal releases of data.”

So for those students who were deferred hoping to find out how many there are of you, you’ll have to stay awake at night wondering. No, don’t do that. That’s ridiculous. Don’t wonder. Just give yourself the best shot possible of admission in the Regular Decision round by submitting a powerful and compelling Letter of Enthusiasm. And if you’d like to avoid some of the mistakes made in the Early round — and we do promise there were mistakes if you didn’t earn admission — we recommend our Postmortem Evaluation. We give a heck of a postmortem. Ok, that sounds super creepy. But we’ll own it.

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