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Stanford’s Early Action figures are in for the Class of 2018 and we’ve got them for you (photo credit: Jrissman).

The Stanford Early Action numbers are in for the Class of 2018 and we’ve got them for you. 748 students who applied for admission to The Farm got in, as announced by Stanford on Friday. In all, 6,948 students applied to Stanford through their Restrictive EArly Action program and this pool marked the largest Early pool in Stanford’s history. The admitted students hail from 48 states and 36 nations with over 76 percent of admitted students boasting high school GPA’s of 4.0 or higher. Students were informed of their admission decision by Stanford on Friday afternoon via email.

According to Stanford’s website on the topic of the Stanford Early Action figures, “‘We are delighted by the extraordinary interest demonstrated in Stanford University through our Restrictive Early Action program,’ [Richard] Shaw, [Stanford’s Dean of Admissions], said. ‘We recognize the time and effort that goes into completing our application, and we are honored to have reviewed the applications of so many outstanding young people.'” It’s utterly shocking that Stanford’s Dean of Admissions is giving quotes to the media about Stanford’s extraordinary class of talented incoming students. We’re kidding. These quotes are the same every year, irrespective of the applicant pools. Don’t believe us? Check the quotes. They’re often the same verbatim.

Students admitted via Stanford’s Restrictive Early Action program have until the first of May to let Stanford know if they wish to attend. This is the same deadline for Regular Decision applicants to The Farm. Have a question? Let us know your questions on Stanford’s Early Action numbers by posting a Comment below!


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