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December 24, 2021

Rice University Class of 2026 Early Decision Statistics

Rice has extended offers of admission to Early applicants to its Class of 2026 (photo credit: Aniraptor2001).

Rice University has offered admission to 440 candidates to the Class of 2026 who applied under the school’s binding Early Decision policy. An additional 70 students earned admission through QuestBridge for a grand total of 510 admits to Rice’s newest class. The total number of admits marks a 6% jump from the Early round for the Rice Class of 2025. A possible explanation? A number of students in the Class of 2024 took gap years, filling seats in the Class of 2025. With fewer students who took gap years this admissions cycle, the Houston, Texas-based institution had more seats available.

As Talha Arif reports for The Rice Thresher in a piece entitled “Rice accepts 440 Early Decision applicants for Class of 2026,” “According to [Yvonne] Romero da Silva, [vice president for enrollment], 47 percent of Early Decision and QuestBridge students this year are out-of-state, 38 percent are from Texas and 15 percent are international students. The international students have citizenships in at least 17 different countries. Roughly six percent of the admitted students selected business as their primary major, which is similar to the percentage of Humanities students admitted, Romero da Silva said.”

Note what’s not included in Rice’s press release are lines indicating it was a record-breaking year. In fact, the school didn’t even release the number of Early Decision applications received. In our experience, when schools don’t release such figures, it’s because the figure fell below a prior mark. In any case, congratulations to all students who earned admission to Rice University’s Class of 2026 in the Early Decision round. Every student we encouraged to apply to Rice this Early cycle earned admission!

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