Rice University Class of 2023 Early Decision Admissions Statistics

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It was a banner year for Rice’s admissions office this year.

Rice University received a record number of total applications this year, a tally that includes both Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. Early Decision applications to the school too were up this year — by a margin of 39%. In all, 2,628 students applied under Rice’s binding Early Decision policy in the hope of earning a spot in Rice’s Class of 2023. Of these students, 408 earned admission, including 55 QuestBridge scholars. This marks an Early Decision admit rate of approximately 15.5%. As our readers may remember, we reported back in September that Rice is going tuition-free for low and middle-income students beginning in the fall of 2019. Could this policy change have led to a surge in Early Decision applications? You bet!

Increased Interest in Rice University Among Applicants

As Brittany Britto reports for “Houston Chronicle” in a piece entitled “Rice University sees record-breaking number of applications for second time in two years,” “Enrollment officials also reported that the number of international student applicants increased, and the percentage increase in students applying from states outside of Texas was around the same for students in-state — meaning more than just Texas residents are taking notice of the prestigious university. ‘This is more than we imagined, more than we anticipated,’ Yvonne Romero da Silva, vice president for enrollment, said in a statement. ‘I am absolutely thrilled with the growing interest in Rice.'”

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Rice University this fall! It’s time to start singing, “The Blue and Gray for Rice today, comes breaking through skies.”


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