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December 25, 2018

Northwestern University Class of 2023 Early Decision Statistics

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Congratulations to our students who earned admission to Northwestern this Early Decision cycle (photo credit: Rdsmith4)

The books are sealed on Northwestern University’s Early Decision round for the Class of 2023. In all, Northwestern received 4,399 applications this Early cycle — up by a margin of about 9% after a 6% climb last Early cycle. Of these 4,399 applicants, approximately 25% earned admission (as compared to about 26% of applicants last Early cycle). It’s anticipated that admitted Early Decision students will ultimately comprise between 53-54% of the overall Northwestern University Class of 2023.

Early Decision at Northwestern University

About 54% of students admitted under Northwestern’s binding Early Decision policy come from underrepresented backgrounds or from outside of the United States. And while we appreciate this figure, we wish Northwestern would offer more specific statistics (e.g., the percentage of African American admits, the percentage of Latinx admits, first-generation admits, etc.). The term ’underrepresented backgrounds’ is a bit too broad if you ask us.

As to the competitiveness of the Early Decision round compared to the Regular Decision round at Northwestern, as reports Elizabeth Byrne for “The Daily Northwestern” in a piece entitled “Early Decision acceptance rate falls as applications rise,” “Prospective students applying to NU face higher acceptance rates for Early Decision applications versus regular decision. Data from NU’s Common Data Set for the class of 2022 shows a 26 percent acceptance rate for Early Decision applicants compared to an 6.4 acceptance rate for regular decision applicants that year.” The numbers aren’t lying. Is it easier to get into Northwestern during the Early Decision round as opposed to during the Regular Decision cycle? You bet!

Congratulations to our students who earned admission to Northwestern this Early Decision cycle!

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