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January 2, 2022

MIT Class of 2026 Early Action Statistics

MIT’s Early Action admission rate for the Class of 2026 dropped to a historic low (photo credit: John Phelan).

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released admissions notifications to Early Action applicants to the Class of 2026. In all, 14,781 students applied Early Action to MIT’s Class of 2026. Of these students, 697 earned admission. It doesn’t take a degree in mathematics from MIT to discern that MIT’s Class of 2026 Early Action admit rate thus stood at 4.7%. And how does this figure stack up in historical context? For the Early Action round of the Class of 2025, 4.8% earned admission. So the Early Action admission rate was slightly lower for the Class of 2026 — yet there were slightly fewer applications received (consistent with Ivy Coach’s crystal ball prediction). Last year, the school received over 15,000 EA applications. Prior to the Class of 2025, applications never surpassed 10,000.

As our readers may remember, while applications to all elite colleges surged last year to unprecedented levels, the surge at MIT was particularly noteworthy. Last year, applications climbed 66% at MIT. That’s right — 66%! So this Early cycle at MIT, like at many elite universities, was basically following on the heels of a Kobe Bryant 60-point game. There’s just no way to top such a performance. Yet MIT came awfully close and, hey, its admission rate did indeed set a new benchmark.

And how about the students who didn’t earn admission to MIT during the Early round of admissions to the Class of 2026? In all, 9,489 students were deferred (or 64.2% of applicants), while 3,959 were denied admission outright (or 26.8% of applicants). The other applicants either switched their applications to Regular Decision or withdrew from the process entirely.

Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who completed applications with us and applied Early Action to MIT. You all got in and we’re so very proud of you!

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