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December 26, 2018

Middlebury College Class of 2023 Early Decision Statistics

Middlebury 2023, Middlebury Admission, Early Decision at Middlebury
Middlebury’s admit rate dropped this Early Decision cycle (photo credit: Dogstarsail).

The Middlebury College Early Decision I cycle is complete. In all, 654 students applied under the school’s binding Early Decision I policy this fall. Of these 654 students, 297 earned admission to the picturesque school amongst the green mountains of Vermont. The applications of 81 Early Decision applicants to the Middlebury Class of 2023 were deferred to the Regular Decision pool, while 276 applicants were denied admission. This marks an Early Decision I admission rate of 45.4%. It’s anticipated that these Early Decision I admitted students will ultimately comprise 41% of the Middlebury Class of 2023.

Breakdown of the Middlebury Class of 2023 Early Decision I Admits

As Middlebury announced in a press release about the Class of 2023 Early Decision I round, “25 percent of the admitted students are students of color—a slight increase over last year’s 23 percent. First-generation students, or those who are the first in their families to attend college, remain at 11 percent. While 266 of the students admitted will enroll in the fall of 2019, 31 students were accepted through the College’s February admissions program. Known as ’Febs,’ these students will enroll in February 2020 at the start of the College’s spring semester. They often use the fall semester to work, travel, or volunteer before coming to Middlebury. The number of Febs is expected to reach about 100 once the admissions process for the class is complete.”

And how do Middlebury’s figures for the Class of 2023 Early Decision I pool stack up to the figures for the Class of 2022? Last year, Middlebury received 650 ED I applications and 326 students got in — marking an admission rate of just over 50%. So, by our math, it means the admission rate dropped this Early Decision cycle at Middlebury. Aren’t we good at math?

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