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December 14, 2020

Johns Hopkins Class of 2025 Early Decision I Statistics

Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who completed ED I applications with our assistance to Johns Hopkins this fall. You all got in!

With this week’s revelation that the namesake of Johns Hopkins was not a heroic abolitionist as many suspected but rather a slaveowner, it wasn’t exactly the university’s finest week. Yet this sad truth notwithstanding, Early Decision I applications to Johns Hopkins University surged this fall, setting an all-time record. In fact, Early Decision I applications are up 11% from this time last year — a trend consistent with the vast majority of highly selective universities. Maybe the school got a boost from all the times they were mentioned in articles pertaining to the pandemic? In any case, while many news publications are running stories these days about declining college applications this year, our readers know that the opposite has been true at our nation’s 25 or so highly selective institutions. At these institutions, application records are shattering daily. At Johns Hopkins, 520 students were offered admission from the record ED I application tally to the Class of 2025. This compares to 682 students who earned admission at this time last year. So, keeping in mind the students who earned admission to the Class of 2024 who opted to take gap years due to the pandemic, it is reasonable to assume there simply aren’t as many seats available at Johns Hopkins in the Class of 2025. In this game of musical chairs, some of these seats are already taken.

JHU Offers Admission to a Prison Reformer and an Earthquake Resistant Desk Builder

As JHU reports in a piece entitled “Johns Hopkins Welcomes First Members of Class of 2025,” “’Coming from an exceptionally competitive Early Decision pool, this year’s admitted students are impressive not only for their accomplishments in and outside the classroom, but for how they pursued their development throughout high school,’ said Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Ellen Kim. ’Their teachers and counselors shared stories and comments about how these students have made an impact in their communities and highlighted their personal qualities that will make them meaningful contributors to our student body.’ Among the newest class are a developer of an EEG headband prototype for individuals with epilepsy to wear in order to predict and detect seizures, a prison reform advocate who drafted an expungement bill with attorneys in their home state, an inventor who built an earthquake resistant desk with a sensor and alarm, and a community organizer who helped farmers get access to crisis relief funds and share their crops with food insecure families during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s Johns Hopkins University Admits

Congratulations to all of our students at Ivy Coach who earned admission to Johns Hopkins this Early Decision I cycle! Every single one of our students who completed their Johns Hopkins ED application with us earned admission. And, Johns Hopkins, we love it when you shine a lantern on the stories of specific students as you have done in recent years — from this year’s prison reformer to the inventor who built an earthquake resistant desk. We crave these sorts of stories as they’re a whole lot more interesting than the dry statistics that most schools write about in their press releases.

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